Science Friction Gecko

What is Science Friction?

Science Friction is a new kind of nano based spray that is applied to playing cards. When you think of sprays for playing cards, the first thing that comes to your mind is Rough & Smooth Spray or the Non-Permanent Adhesive Spray. Science Friction leaves all these concepts behind!!!

In an unprecedented move, unlike other creators of magic, we are giving away the secret of our product BEFORE you buy it. No secret left hidden, you will immediately see and understand the beauty and the power that is waiting for you when you get Science Friction.

There is only a small hurdle to take. Before you see the secret, you must register first. You can trust that your provided info stays undisclosed. No one outside of the Card-Shark Team will ever see it. Your information will only be used to verify your interest in Science Friction. It will also allow us to inform you about breaking news regarding Science Friction and other important Card-Shark innovations.

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